Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Of course I only got 1 pic from this weekend!

If i'd gotten pictures of ALL the cakes I did, I wouldn't hold true to the procrastinator in me! Haha! Hopefully, i'll get pics of the cakes I did this weekend. Somehow, anyway. Here's the 1 picture of a cake I did on sunday. D-D-D-Dora!!! This was for a co worker of my cousin. My cousin "happened to mention" that I was Dora for halloween a few years ago to the customer so she asked (jokingly, of course) If I would deliver the cake in my Dora get up. I knew I should have kept that costume! HAHAHAHA! So here's the Dora cake along with cookie favors and a gratuitous picture of me in my Dora costume for you to LOL at!

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