Sunday, January 10, 2010

New year....New cakes!!!

Orders for 2010 have been pouring in! I'm so thankful that my small business is taking off! Here's a couple cakes from this weekend.

First is a ballet themed cake. It's 2 tiers. Bottom tier is dark chocolate cake with freshstrawberry filling and the top is yellow cake with chocolate butter cream filling. The 2nd is the infamous baby basket! Only, this one was HUGE!!!! I would guess it was around 70lbs. Cake flavors are almond cake with strawberry mousse and dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling. The design was meant to compliment the baby shower invitations that had trains, buttons and stars on them. I have a lot of cakes this week so be sure to check in next monday!

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Your Baby Shower Guides Lady said...


Oh my I think these baby shower cakes are fantastic.

Is the baby shower basket a real cake. It's brilliant.

I love them. They are just to good to eat.